Plastische Wesseling

SOS – Symposium 2017



Dear colleagues,


On behalf of the organizing committee – Dirk Richter, Wolfgang Gubisch, Christoph Heitmann and Hisham Fansa – we would like to invite you to the 6th SOS Symposium held in Cologne.

We will exclusively talk about salvage procedures after failed aesthetic surgery. The covered topics include breast, face, eyelids, nose, trunk and thighs and will be presented by a distinguished faculty.


Live surgery will be performed at the Dreifaltigkeits-Hospital in Wesseling  and broadcasted to the auditorium at the Hyatt-Regency Hotel. The surgical schedule is ambitious. You will see some parts of the surgery live – some parts as edited video. This format allows best possible interaction and teaching.


The intention of the SOS Symposium is to learn from each other and not to blame a surgeon for a particular complication. We all have complications. Some complications are not predictable, almost fated. Other complications are due to bad surgical assessment, bad surgical skills, bad patient selection or choosing the wrong surgical technique. The goal of the SOS Symposium is to provide solutions for failed cases and to teach ways to avoid complications in the future.


After the day of surgery we will have a day of didactic lectures complemented by panel discussion which will provide you with a unique educational experience.

We look forward to welcoming you in Cologne,


Dirk Richter                                        Wolfgang Gubisch


Christoph Heitmann                      Hisham Fansa


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